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In the late-1990s, Jonah Bruck partnered with Lennie Weiss and formed Olympia Group, which aimed to enter the skilled nursing home business.


Jonah was key in handling all the operations at Olympia Group and was constantly seeking further opportunities to grow the business.


Within 8 years, Olympia Group became the 4th largest nursing home provider in the state of Michigan, as well as the largest in the Detroit Metro market.


In 2002, Jonah Bruck and Lennie Weiss decided to diversify their portfolio, which led them to form Brentwood Properties, a property investment company with investments in a wide-range of properties.


Jonah’s extensive knowledge, vast experience and network connections have helped Brentwood Properties grow tremendously and Brentwood now has $40M+ of investments in real estate, student housing, hotels, and more.


Lennie Weiss has been involved in the long-term care industry for over 30 years.


Lennie’s extensive knowledge is key in evaluating and picking the right deals, in the right markets, at the right times. Additionally, he oversees and handles all the financing, revenue and financials for Olympia Group.


Both Lennie and his operating partner, Jonah Bruck, have owned and operated skilled nursing facilities across the U.S., with revenues exceeding $150M+ per year. 


Lennie’s broad range of financial knowledge, and keen insight in evaluating deals, expanded his base into owning and managing Olympia Group’s affiliated real estate company, Brentwood Properties, LLC. 


Brentwood Properties currently manages a significant range of investments, including: commercial and residential properties, hotels and student housing.

Michelle Mahler began working as the receptionist for Brentwood Properties, since its establishment.


After much hard work and dedication, Michelle was promoted to Executive Secretary and Personal Assistant to Jonah Bruck and Lennie Weiss.


Michelle has been instrumental in the success of Brentwood Properties and its execution of multiple contracts and deals, and continues to help Brentwood Properties grow.


Michelle has been, and continues to be, a vital person in managing the affairs and high-pressure needs of Brentwood Properties.


Michelle is an essential and proud member of the Brentwood Family.

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Jonah Bruck
Lennie Weiss
Michelle Mahler
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